About The Author

Hello! My name is Fred and I am a 59 year old retired electrician and have been married to my beautiful wife for 39 years. I LOVE RETIREMENT!! I had some fears about retiring and was worried that I was kind of going to just start withering away in my chair until my inevitable death but I am happy to report that this has not been the case. I find myself working on more projects than ever before and learning something new every day.

I have held a blue collar job as an electrician my entire life. I pride myself in being a “handy man” and the one my neighbors call me whenever they get a leaky faucet or hands-on work done. I hope to give some young readers some insight on what life used to be without all this technology and information that’s so easily available. It’s great and everything but the younger generations aren’t learning what it means to put in some hard work and learn from doing it yourself. I hope to encourage some people to learn some new things or a trade from my blog.