Self-Appointed Handy-Man Neighbor

I don’t know about any of you, but I love it when a neighbor or friend calls and needs some help with a job. Plus it gives me a break from this new garden I have been putting in.

Oh yeah, there I am… Alright maybe a couple or 30 years ago, but who’s counting?

My Neighbor’s New Project

My wife and I get along very well with all of our neighbors and we live in a pretty typical suburban neighborhood where everyone on our street knows everyone. Except for the house directly to the left of ours. It’s a couple that looks like they are in their mid 30’s but no one knows anything about them. They kind of keep to themselves and I have never gotten more than a hello and small nod whenever I’ve tried to talk to them. I respect that though and know some people aren’t as neighborly as the rest of us. But that’s beside the point.

Can anyone else not get enough of grumpy cat?

So my neighbor, Michelle, two houses down the street is a divorced woman in her 30’s living with her two young daughters that are 5 and 9. Could you imagine raising two little girls on your own? God knows I couldn’t so any help that this woman needs I am more than happy to give her a hand.

Well I can’t feel too bad for her because she was always the bread winner in the family and does very well for herself. I never really asked for too many details on her divorce but I know her husband didn’t work so I am assuming that had a lot to do with it. So anyways, she decided to have a built in pool put in last year and this year she decided it would probably be a good idea to have a fence built to help stop her two little ones from getting in when she isn’t around. She didn’t want to drop another fortune on some fancy fence and wanted to still keep it open so she decided to just get a temporary one that she, or should I say I, can take out in a few years when her daughters are older. So she went with this mesh fence that looks like the ones this Orlando Pool Fence Company sells. It isn’t really the prettiest fence you can get but it gets the job done.

Harder Than I Thought

Sooo when I looked online a little bit on how to install one of these things it looked real easy and very self explanatory but turns out it was a little harder than I anticipated. I guess the fence itself wasn’t that bad but she wanted it as close to the pool as we could get it and around the edge is cement so drilling the holes hasn’t been a walk in the park.

For anyone out there that has never drilled holes in concrete, let me tell you that it is as hard as it sounds. You really have one shot at it and if you mess it up, you have a possibility of ruining the entire project and costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Luckily, this isn’t my first rodeo so I knew what I was doing but as I am getting older it just isn’t as easy as I remembered it.

Michelle was an absolute angel and hung outside with me the whole time I was working barbecuing burgers and always making sure I had a beer in my hand. After a couple hours I think she started to feel bad that she put this load of work on me and by the end of the day she was practically begging me to let her call in the company to finish the job. I don’t think she believed me when I told her I was actually really enjoying her company and that I love doing projects like this. Maybe I should have told her about this blog to give her a little more peace of mind…

Tomorrow should be enough time for me to finish the fence and then I can move on to finishing the garden. Stay tuned to see how they turn out!

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