And The Trees Are Gone

Well That Was Fast

So if you read my last post you know that my wife wants a garden put in our back yard and we had to have 2 trees taken out to put it in. They were big, really big. I’m not sure exactly what kind they were but they had huge thick branches with leaves on them so they weren’t pine trees or anything like that to give you an idea of what they were. I usually don’t like doing it, but we had to call some professionals to come in and take care of the job for us. I wasn’t about to throw my back out or break my old hip with my brother trying to do it ourselves.

These Guys Were Amazing

Now we have had tree guys come out and take out a big tree a few years ago and I guess I don’t really remember it that well because I couldn’t believe how fast these guys got our two trees out this time around. It only took 2 days at about 4 hours each and the mess was totally gone. I couldn’t believe how big the roots were in these things and how these guys managed to clean everything up so well was mind blowing. For anyone out there that is considering trying to take out a tree on their own I’m gonna give you a little advice and tell you to get some experts out there to do it. Seriously, it really didn’t cost as much as I thought it would and it was worth every penny.

Now Onto the Garden…

Now that the trees are gone and the hard part is out of the way I got the ball rolling on this whole garden thing today. The tree care guys filled up the holes where the trees were so now it is just a big patch of dirt in the middle of our backyard which is perfect for what my wife wants to do. The size is actually just what we are looking for and the garden is going to be roughly 4′ wide and 12′ long. I got the wood and everything that I need today at Home Depot and got started. I should have it done within the next couple of days. I thought digging into the dirt where the trees were was going to be a  lot harder but we told the guys what we were planning to do after they left and they helped out a lot by not packing the dirt in too much and left it pretty soft for me to tear into.

I want it to be about a foot into the ground to make sure it’s completely stable and although it doesn’t sound too deep or hard to do, it kind of becomes harder to do with every section that I finish.

I might post a few pictures of my progress over the next couple of days but I don’t really like posting personal pictures of my home on the internet. Call me a paranoid old man but I just don’t like how easily anything can be looked up online. Not that anyone could really do something with just a picture but I still feel uncomfortable about it… Do I just need to get with the times?

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