And the Next on the List Is…

“Sweetie… Wouldn’t it be Nice to Have a Garden in the Backyard?”

Well the next project on my wife’s list has been chosen and it looks like we are about to make room for our new garden.

Here is my wife’s perfect world… I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a hat like that.

I am actually all for this one. We have these two huge trees in our backyard and I always have kind of liked them but as I am getting older, they make mowing the lawn a lot harder than it needs to be so I am totally on board with getting rid of them. Plus, I am not about to try and take out two enormous trees on my own. At first I kind of wanted to just have them cut down or trimmed to get them out of the way a little bit. You really can cut a trees size in half and have it still look good. Click here to see some of the things professional tree guys can do. The more I thought about it though, the more I just wanted to get rid of them for good to save the trouble of doing this all again in the future for us or the next people to live in this house.

So having the trees removed won’t be too much of an issue. I am not going to even pretend like this will be a project that I can take on by myself so I am going to skip that whole process and pre-planning and just go straight to the experts. I don’t really know how much this one is going to cost me since these ones are a decent amount bigger than the one I had taken out years ago, plus there are two of them. Seeing my wife happy though is worth every penny, right? Trust me; it is.

After the Removals

So when we had our other tree removed a few years back, we just replanted grass over where it was so there really wasn’t much work to do once it was gone. Building a garden however will be a little trickier but this part of the job I can definitely handle. This is the idea that I am going for but obviously on dirt where the trees are planted now and not on gravel or rock that this picture has.

It doesn’t look too fancy and gets the job done for what my wife wants to do. She doesn’t want to do anything too crazy and is just planning on putting in some herb plants and maybe a few small plants or trees for fruit.

I remember my mom used to grow strawberries in our backyard when I was a kid and you really could taste the difference between ours and the grocery store. I wonder now if they really did taste better or if it was some kind of placebo effect. I kind of feel the same thing when I cook. For whatever reason (maybe I am a master chef and don’t even realize it), food always tastes so much better when you take your own time to cook and prepare it.

Alright I’m definitely turning into an old man because just talking about growing our own fruit is getting me kind of excited. I definitely want to put in strawberry plants when this thing is done. There will be no debate about that…


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