There’s Always Something….

“Honey.. Don’t You Think We Should (fill in the blank)….

So being at home more and having a lot more free time from retirement, my wife has casually mentioned a number of little side jobs that she wants done around the house. I think the thought of this probably terrifies any of the guy readers out there and sounds horrible. I really don’t mind it though and kind of like doing these little projects. Keeps my mind sharp and my body going strong. Plus I know if I keep my wife happy, then I keep myself happy which just comes with this whole marriage thing.

So the next things on my wife’s to-do list, or should I say my wife’s husband’s to-do list, are:

  • Kitchen tiles
  • Bathroom sink
  • Finish laundry¬†room
  • Take out 2 trees in back yard to make room for a new garden

I’m not too worried about any of these projects except maybe the tree thing… That one might be a little tricky by myself but I think I’m going to give it another shot. I think I’m going to get the sink out of the way. Getting a new sink really isn’t hard if you have any kind of grasp on simple plumbing. All you really have to do is make sure the plumbing pipes and valves aren’t damaged when you’re taking out the current one and it’s usually as easy as putting the pieces back together. Although it’s definitely a smaller plumbing job, it can be really bad and harmful if you don’t know what you’re doing. According to this howstuffworks article, plumbing makes the top 5 home improvement jobs that you shouldn’t do yourself so I’m sure it’s probably a little harder than I made it sound but for someone who has any kind of experience in this kind of work wouldn’t have a problem doing it. Buuuuut as I have mentioned before on here, I really don’t think the younger generations have any experience whatsoever in this kind of home improvement work.

The kitchen tiles won’t be hard but it will take a little bit longer than the trees and laundry room. We have hard wood floors in right now so we obviously have to take it out before moving forward. I have definitely put in new floors at different times in my life and putting them in really isn’t hard. Once you do all the measurements and get the right number of tiles and everything it really is as easy as placing the caulk down and placing the tiles. You obviously just have to make sure everything is even and what not but there really isn’t that much to it. My wife can’t decide on the style she wants so we’re in no rush to get this one done.

The laundry room won’t be hard. She says she wants whole new “walls” put in and new floors but I think I can get away with just replacing the wallpaper and maybe adding in wooden floors or maybe even more tiles from the kitchen. Alright maybe not the tiles, that might not work so well in a laundry room now that I type that out.

Will She Ever Be Content?

Now I truly and genuinely don’t mind doing these home improvement projects. Like I mentioned, I think it keeps my body going and I don’t want to waste away in a chair watching TV until I die.

But I can’t help but notice that as soon as I finish one project, my wife has 6 new things added to the list that she wants me to do. We haven’t talked¬†too much about what we want to do with this house when it’s finally paid off (only a year and a half to go), but I know that she kind of wants to sell it and move into something smaller and just do some traveling together. I’m all for this but now that I am doing all of these improvements on the house and finally about to be finished paying for it, I don’t know if I want to leave. This is the house that I watched my kids grow up in and have so many memories in… This is my home.

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